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Mid-Life MOT

What is the Mid-Life MOT?

The Mid-Life MOT is an opportunity to invest in yourself or for businesses to invest in their staff.

For people aged 50+, the Mid-Life MOT is a great way to take the time to plan your work, wellbeing and finances more actively, helping you to make choices that will ensure the future and retirement you want.  As many of us are working and living longer the free services offered by the Mid-Life MOT can help you to invest in yourself and prepare for the future.

For businesses with staff aged 50+, you can introduce the Mid-Life MOT in your workplace to support your employees with their skills, finances and wellbeing, and have wider business and productivity benefits too.

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Why is this important?

At some stages in your working life, you could be at risk of losing your job unexpectedly, including through redundancy. Additionally, health problems and caring responsibilities disproportionately affect people over 50. Once out of work, it can be difficult to return.

Many people underestimate what they will need in later life. Planning ahead can boost your resilience in crucial areas. Start your midlife MOT journey now by asking yourself:

  • My work: Am I confident I can continue in my current job, or do I need to protect myself by reskilling? Will caring responsibilities or other priorities mean I need to work more flexibly?
  • My health: Am I taking the right steps to maintain or improve my health? Would workplace adjustments make it easier for me to stay in my job for longer?
  • My money: Do I have enough savings to maintain my current lifestyle? I’m confused about pensions, what are my options?

Take your Mid-Life MOT

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